Ecommerce Stores, Provided by Webclectics

Webclectics, the parent of Eclectics Marketplace Group, also has the ability to provide ecommerce stores to individual artisans, allowing them to sell their creations online. This is an optional service, and is not required to join the Marketplace Group, however, artisans that following the handmade/handfinished principle are listed in the Marketplace Group at no extra cost. Artisans that do not follow the handmade/handfinished principle are eligible for ecommerce store, but will not be listed in the Marketplace Group. Essentially, they become a standalone store. All other terms and conditions apply.

Ecommerce Stores


In order to provision each store, each store will be assigned its own subdomain attached to the main ‘EclecticsMarketplace’ domain. For example, if XYZ business joined the group, it would be assigned for its store URL. If you already have a domain, you can contact your domain registrar and change the nameservers to point to the new site(this is fairly technical, we can help guide you through this). Or you can use your existing website and add a link to the subdomain.

Privacy and Security

Each ecommerce store is separate and private to each business, but is linked to Webclectics for admin purposes. On that ecommerce store, that business will choose its own policies, shipping methods, payment methods, promotions, and everything else about the store, so long as it does not violate our Guiding Principles. Privacy is assured between each store, as these ecommerce stores are completely separate from each other.

Each ecommerce store is protected by SSL (HTTPS) under Webclectics license at no additional cost. It is expected that each store manager will choose a payment method that includes encryption supplied by the payment provider through their checkout page.

Administration and Access

Webclectics WILL retain admin rights to all ecommerce stores. We retain ownership of the actual ecommerce store, but the business retains ownership of all content. This does mean that Webclectics will have access to sales information, product information, and other information the business puts on the site, along with reports that are generated by the platform. Having said that, Webclectics has no interest in your private information, other than what is needed for support and invoicing, and will never disclose any information unless required by law. Should you wish to leave the group, purchase price of the store will be negotiated depending on time spent maintaining and developing the store. Migration of the store would be the responsibility of the vendor, not Webclectics.

What can I sell?

You can sell what you like, provided it is not prohibited by law, or goes against generally-accepted community standards. ‘Adult’ material vendors will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, but in general, we cater to the general population. If its not something you’d be comfortable seeing in a retail outlet, then reconsider listing it.


Option 1 Month-to-month standard

There is a one-time upfront provisioning fee of $30, which allows us to provision your ecommerce site and serves as your first month subscription fee. Your subscription will renew monthly at $20.00 until cancelled, unless you choose an Annual subscription. Annual subscription fees are available at a discount, you can use the contact form on this site to request more information. This fee includes updating and maintenance of your site.

Option 2 Month-to-month percentage

There is a one-time upfront provisioning fee of $30. The monthly fee is waived in exchange for a commission of 10% on total sales. This is ideal for artisans that are just building their clientele and may not have over $20 in sales. Fee to be invoiced between the 1st and 5th of each month for the prior month. This plan may be changed once, beginning with the upcoming month.

Option 3 Annual

An annual plan is also offered, and may be chosen at any time. In exchange, a significant discount of $40 is offered over the month-to-month plan. $30 provisioning fee is still required.

A note on Fees

There are currently no additional fees, other than as noted in the three above options. Should additional fees be added in the future, early adopters will always be grandfathered into the pricing structure from when they joined. Fees are subject to change with 30 days notice.

Support and Maintenance

Building an ecommerce site can be daunting, which is why we are here to help as a partner. When we provision a site, it will include many helper programs that extend the functionality of the site. We will help you set up payment methods, shipping methods, general settings, and provide you with information on how to build your products. We will also cover the basics of SEO on your products, and how you can improve SEO. Webclectics will assist you in maintaining all helper programs (aka plugins) as well.

Your site is built using a website builder called WordPress, and an extension that allows ecommerce called Woocommerce. There are thousands of helps on the internet as well, from websites that help with tips, to videos on youtube. We are confident that with our help, and some experience, you will find your ecommerce site to be easy to maintain and hopefully profitable as well.