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Please complete all fields shown below. We accept and encourage similar products from multiple members to give our customers the best selection possible, but we do insist on quality work. Applications are generally approved within 24 business hours. You will be contacted by Eclectics Marketplace (Webclectics) and provided with an email address to send photos of some of your products for approval. These photos will be used in the photo gallery accompanying your profile. Please read the Guiding Principles and Terms and Conditions before applying for membership.

There is a $30 annual fee to become or remain a member of the Marketplace Group. Occasionally specials may run to encourage membership, these are open to only new members.

Just a few quick definitions, hints, and tips.

  • A ‘tagline’ is a 6-10 word phrase that tells people who you are. We use that in the title of your profile (space permitting) and in your SEO definitions.
  • Referrer is whoever referred you to this site. We frequently offer promotions to people who refer people to us.
  • A service-provider is someone like a fortune teller, card-reader, massage therapist etc.
  • You want to write a robust profile description of your business. You have up to 400 words or so, maybe even more. The more robust your profile is, the more google likes it as ‘rich content’ and the more it affects SEO.
  • For artisans, you will need to check the box for hand-made or hand-finished in the US. This certifies that you agree that your products are substantially hand-made or hand-finished in the USA, and are not factory-made.
  • Want to know more about why you should join? Check out our Words for Nerds page.
  • Need an online store in addition to your profile on the nexus? We can help. Check out our Ecommerce page.
  • We will reach out to the email address you provide, asking for sample pictures that represent you, and a logo. Please watch your email, as we can’t complete your profile until we have those photos.


Before you complete the application you must get an account on the Marketplace. There is no fee, its just you signing up as a member. Basically, this just makes my life easier, since every member is hand-curated before acceptance, and I have to enter each member’s information manually.

Go HERE to create an account, you need to complete two tabs on the account screen as show below. Details, and billing address. We will use billing address as your address of record.

Are you back? Awesome, just complete the application below. Yes, I know I’m collecting information twice, but I’m not sure exactly how I will process it in the future. Rest assured your privacy is important to us, and you are protected by a secured website, and hacking prevention tools.