Words for Nerds

Or… how does this all work, and why

There are two goals to this Marketplace. The first is to promote artisans, entertainers/performers, and service providers in a central, easy-to-use location. Patrons/Promoters/whoever can come into the Marketplace, search for products that match what they are looking for, and find profiles for artisans that sell those items. Or a promoter comes into the site and wants to find an family act involving lemurs and Capuchin monkeys. They can easily drill down into acts that do that in a matter of minutes.

In any case, the profile is the heart of the site. Each member is encouraged to do a write-up on who they are, what they do, where they can be found etc (we call that ‘rich content’). And provide links to things like other websites, online stores, facebook/etsy/ebay or whatever. And they are encouraged to use those other platforms to link back to their profile (we call those backlinks).

Which brings us to the words for nerds part. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is essential to being found on the internet. The higher you rank in the search results, the more likely you are to be found. Now, SEO is almost like magic. Its an extremely complicated topic, but we do know a few things.

Search engines like ‘rich content’, and they like backlinks. With a site like the Marketplace Group, we are leveraging both of those things. As the Marketplace Group grows, so will everyone’s rankings in search engines, because more rich content is published, and more links and backlinks are available for the search engines to latch on to. This is something you can’t achieve in a single website, because you can’t publish enough rich content and backlinks to really make the search engines happy. Sure, if someone types your business name into google or bing, it might come up. But you don’t have the advantage of being listed along with many other DIVERSE profiles. And heaven forbid you join up with a ‘backlinks’ farm, because the search engines are smart enough to figure out what is happening.

We take full advantage of all available SEO techniques to attempt to boost EVERYONE’s rankings in the various search engines.